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Couponing for the Real World

The Thieving Bear - Couponing for the Real World

Udemy Coupons and Promotion Codes

Looking to buy courses online? But don’t find any cheap courses that help you to improve your knowledge. Don’t worry! Here is the post, where I will showcase you step by step guide for Udemy discount codes and deals.

Udemy is the leading online education marketplace. They features millions of courses in almost every field, i.e technology, science, maths, business, language, computer, money and finance, internet and many more. was founded few years back with the aim to provide all kind of skilled and technology courses online only. Today thousands of experts, teachers and tutors are engaged with them. Experts from all our the world prepare the courses based on their expertise and publish that on Udemy marketplace.

How to use Udemy Coupon Codes?

If you are Student or Employee or Hobbyist to learn something, Simply search the name of topic like “WordPress”, “Save money on online Shopping”, iPhone and Android App development etc. You will literally find thousands of courses come with video and helpful images. You just need to click on title of course you like most. Check the description and if you find that would be helpful, just go ahead for payment.

Many time site have Udemy coupons, Yes! using the coupon you can save anything from 10% to 50% or sometime even 80%. Many of my friends already saved hundreds of dollars and gain so much of knowledge by purchasing the courses from their site.

Good news is that Udemy also offer Free courses, So you no need to use any coupon if the course you like is comes under FREE category. Simply place that in your cart and go ahead and enjoy extra learning session from that publisher.

But if you are going for paid or premium courses then you can apply the Udemy promo coupons at checkout page. You can simply paste the code you find online and get associated discount in your cart. In case you don’t find any such working deals, You can always contact their supportive staff and representative about new and currently available offers.

If you are regular customer then I would suggest you to join their Facebook and Twitter page to get regular update and alert about newly added courses, hot and popular category and most active coupon. Alternatively, you can also contact me by commenting here. I will try to reply you as soon as possible.

How To Buy Quality Trucks For A Cheaper Cost

Brand new trucks can really break a bank, especially if you need more than a single truck to start up your business. But even if you have a really tight budget you need to stick to, you do not need to worry because with the right strategies, trucks that are durable and reliable can still be within your reach.

buy trucks for cheap price

Find Trucks Locally or Virtually

Since you are looking for cheap and high quality trucks, the first thing you need to do is look for trucks for sale either in your vicinity or online. With the hundreds of sellers and dealers out there, I am sure you will find one that will fit not only your budget but your standards as well. Also, it is always best for you not to rely on sales agents as they could really charge high fees. In the like manner, be very careful when you are dealing with companies online. There are a lot of online scammers out there and you have to make sure that you are really dealing with a reputable and reliable company.


Look for Promos

The newspaper is a reliable source of information regarding promos and listings. Additionally, you can look for private sellers and dealers via the newspaper and the Internet.


Truck Auctions

If you really want to keep the budget low, attending government auctions is one of the best ways to find high quality trucks that are way cheaper than buying through direct sellers. These auctions are usually just means of the government to dispose some of their equipment and you would get a far better chance of looking for a durable truck through it. If your government does not hold auctions, ask dealers within your locality about the next truck/car auction in your town.


Know the Value of the Truck

Once you have found the truck of your dreams, it is essential that you research for the value of what you are going to buy. This way, you’d be able to come up with a range of figures and determine if the truck values more than its market price or the other way around.


Get a Mechanical Inspection

Even novice entrepreneurs know that getting a mechanical inspection is a must before buying a used car/truck. For you to be able to figure out whether or not the truck is still in good running condition, it is best that you have it mechanically inspected first. Through this, you would be able to anticipate for future expenses from getting the truck into a total fix. If you do not know anything about trucks, ask for help from someone who expertise in automotive repair.


Be a Smart Negotiator

This is the part where you can really use your stinginess. Being a wise negotiator could help you lower the price of the truck to the minimum. Just make sure though that there are no hidden charges once you buy the truck. To do this, you have to thoroughly read and review the invoice prior signing the transaction.

The Store of Comfort – Your Sleep in Their Hands

When you complain of a bad night’s sleep or aching joints and that too early in the morning, you can imagine how you whole day would be. If we miss sleep, we lose so much of health and mental agility the next day. The next day depends also on the kind of sleep and rest you had the night before. Many doctors also check with you if you sleep well. A good night’s sleep can be the exact solution for many illnesses humanity is facing. There are several things which cause sleeplessness such as stress etc. Loss of sleep is one among them and one of the most important reasons. When we say we sleep late, we are going against the laws of nature. Naturally,a human needs at least eight hours sleep to be healthy and perform well the next day.


Of all the various reasons, we are talking about sleep and a good sleep can be possible only by sleeping on the right kind of mattress. There are many brands available in the market but the one which stands out is fully explained at The stores are located in well thought out locations and they give importance to areas where there are customers who care for the society and the environment. Urban mattresses also were started with this in mind.


As it has been mentioned the mission of the stores are to cater to and focus on the special segment of the market with environmental and social conscience. The website gives the names and addresses of the stores, the owners, and their views on the stores. They use materials which are eco friendly such as organic latex, wool, natural cotton and soy materials. Some are a combination of wool and cotton.


The stores are called aurora, Austin, boulder, centennial, Denver, and Vienna. Stores are located at Colorado, Texas, Virginia etc. The stores are locally owned and operated. These cities are chosen where the individuals are socially and environmentally and society conscious. They give back two percent of their profits to social causes which show that they are socially responsible.

Store experience:

Visiting a store in itself a relaxing and memorable experience where the staff are very friendly, the customers are treated with tasty coffee, and another customer service is carried out with care

Types and brands:

Some of the mattresses are fitted with an inner spring; experience vi spring, which are also called d as memory mattress that takes the shape of the user, soy materials and latex which come in affordable prices. There is a long list of brand names given if you visit the website. The brands are tempurpedic, fvo sleep, Sherwood bedding, and suite sleep etc. Though economical, they are also quality conscious which is a close focus on the customer. Some mattresses are temperature controlled keeping in tune with the climatic conditions.


The prices are very much to the liking of the customers as they are affordable, they are delivered the same day, and for the type of materials which rare, the prices definitely are affordable.


You can read the reviews given out by their customers and it is a testimony to the customer friendly nature of the business. It gives out a good word of mouth which makes not only new customer but also customer loyalty.


The raw materials that are used are not only eco friendly but also are sustainable which lasts a life time. It pays to visit before you buy a new mattress because your health depends on your sleep.

Best phone cases to protect your mobile phones

With the rise in popularity of smartphones, phone cases have become a must have accessory. A good phone case will protect your phone from damage, give your phone a different look and hopefully, not be bulky or bothersome in any way for the user.

best phone handmade cases

Phone cases will vary greatly in style, design and price. In this article, we will be talking about the more stylish leather phone cases and why they are right for you.


Phones, especially smartphones are very expensive these days. You should be protecting that investment with a phone case. A case will keep your phone safe from damage including scratches and it will reduce the likelihood that your phone breaks in case you drop it. There are many cases that you can choose from that vary in price and style. When you are looking for a case, make sure that the case will be able to provide the right amount of protection for your phone. A leather case is made with a shock absorbent exterior that will be able to protect your phone from most falls.

Style – Best Phone Cases

Phone cases can be used for style. Sure, you can get any phone case and use it to keep your device safe; however, you may find that it looks fairly silly encasing your phone. Your phone is something that you will have at all times so there is no reason why it cannot be used as a fashion item as well. Just like you would spend money on a good looking watch, a phone case is another investment that will increase your sense of style to others. Leather phone cases come in a variety of shades including black, brown and tan. These accessories will go great in almost any occasion or attire.

Get the Size you Need

These phone cases will come variety of sizes so that you will be able to get exactly the size that you need for your phone. They also offer cases that are big enough to fit a tablet. These are perfect as you travel around with your tablet often, or have a plus sized phone.

Ease of use

These handmade leather cases are easy to use. Of course, that is not to say other cases require a rocket science degree to operate, however, there is a difference between a well-designed case and one that is not. These leather phone cases have a button which holds the case shut. When you need to open the case, you can easily pop open the button and flip the case open. The case will fold all the way to the back so that it is not in the way when you are using it.

Hopefully by now you can see the why a leather phone case is a great choice if you are in need of a case or want to upgrade your old one. If we have piqued your interest, you can go here to find beautifully designed handmade leather phone cases.

How to select removable wall decals for home

Several days ago, I moved to a new house. I love it very much although there is not too much space. Because of I decorated it in a new way. It costs less and so beautiful. Here I am going to talk about my photo frame green tree wall art stickers at

removable wall stickers

It applied in my living-room. There are three trees stand on the wall. And branches are reaching out. Leaves are fresh and clear. It comforts me a lot. Also, there are nine photo frames are on the wall. And I applied some photos there. Such as, my parents, myself, my lover, my friend and some great photos taken by me. When I saw them, I could not help failing into the sweet memories. For me, it is a kind of art. Maybe it’s too late for us to try to become a professional artist, but we can as well be the artist of life and turn our house into an art gallery. You will only be regretful for not pasting them on your walls earlier, but will never be sorry about it.

Also, it is easy to apply. What you need to do is just peel, place and affix it to your desired place. Then, your room would turn out to be different. Of course, it is easily to remove without any damage to the wall. Wall sticker is suitable for all of places.

I just found site ( ) where you can find great wall stickers for Australia, You can buy that in bulk and order internationally as well.

Why pets love Purina

If you’re looking for a pet food that provides perfect amounts of nutrition to your cat or dog, then look no further than Purina pet food. This brand uses the latest technology and research to try and provide the optimum meal for your pets. They pride themselves in the amount of nutrition and passion they put into their product and it really shows.

They place a lot of emphasis on letting the pet owner know how and why they do certain things in the process of making their product. They explain why corn is a valuable source of food in a dog’s diet and why they include it in their products. They also provide a lot of information on their website that details this. Purina invite pet bloggers out to their factories and show them how the food is made. They hope to encourage these bloggers to share their experience with Purina, which is a great way of promoting their brand.

Purina are a company that let you know exactly where their emphasis and plans are placed. They are also very careful and progressive in terms of sustainability in the making of their products. Last year they recycled nearly 80 tonnes of goods last year for example. They make sure their products manufacturing have a limited impact on the environment and they also advertise the fact that they manufacture 99% of their product in the US in their US factories.

The website also provides a lot of information in the training of pets. They have small artiles that help you understand how to take care of a pet such as a new kitten, they also provide an A-Z list of different cat breeds and which ones are the calmest. The company rally does seem committed to helping everybody give their pet the best care possible.

There are plenty of websites that let you enjoy Purina products for a reduced price. Websites such as do this regularly. They let you purchase Purina products with a reduction of $1-3 dollars and sometimes offer more than one coupon. Here are the latest Purina coupons that they have: