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The Thieving Bear - Couponing for the Real World

How to get Free Baby Formula Samples by mail

There are many sites online where you can fill out a form and get free baby stuff. There are trial offers that provide you with coupons, samples, some even give you free stuff every month for simply signing up. Here is a short list of items that you can pick up for free online and some information about the company.

Honest Company

With Honest Company you can get an all-natural kit for the cost of shipping and handling. This is a trial offer so be prepared to either cancel the trial if not satisfied or to pay the monthly subscription fee after the first trial.

The first option with them is the Diapers and Wipes bundle. In this bundle you get a set high performing diapering essentials with a 7 count of all-natural diapers and 10 count all-natural wipes. The diapers are natural, sustainable, made from harvested pulp, natural odor-inhibitors and plant based. They have a cloth like feel and come in several stylish prints for both boys and girls. The wipes are cloth like and made to be biodegradable. The ultra-soft wipe cleanses and soothes baby’s little bottom.

The second option is the essentials bundle. This bundles comes with 5 all-natural non-toxic cleaning and personal care products. You will receive Shampoo and body wash, face and body lotion, multi-surface cleaner, healing balm, and hand soap. The shampoo and body wash are hypoallergenic, and perfectly pH balanced to remove dirt without stripping the hair and body of its essential oils. The face and body lotion is perfectly balanced for all skin types. The hand soap utilizes all natural ingredients that have a low suds ratio and are great for nourishing the skin. Multi-surface cleanser will cut the grease, oil and grime with all natural ingredients. The healing balm works great for soothing the skin and healing diaper rash. These are all hypoallergenic and all-natural.

The third option is the health and wellness bundle which consists of a one day sample of pure home based supplements. You will get some prenatal vitamins, DHA and omega3 or Toddler and baby multi-powder, and kid’s chewable multi-vitamins. Each vitamin supplement is a whole foods based vitamin enriched supplement made to increase your brain power and keep your healthy with the all-natural ingredients.

Similac Strong Moms

With Similac Strong Moms you can sign up before the baby comes to receive nutritional guidance, weekly emails, tips for childbirth and breastfeeding, and a free photo book from shutter fly a $35 value. You can also get stuff for after baby arrives such as $329 in membership rewards, also infant formula and coupons delivered to your door. Monthly emails and a feeding expert to contact when you need it. Similac is a well-known baby formula company that has been providing supplemental milk for mothers who cannot breastfeed.

Enfamil Gift set

With this free Enfamil baby gift set you get around $250 in free baby products. The included items can change but in general you will receive a diaper tote bag, formula, ice pack, clutch, and high value coupons. This is not the diaper bag that you get from the hospital, this is a totally different bag that is mailed to you at your home.

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