The Thieving Bear

Couponing for the Real World

The Thieving Bear - Couponing for the Real World

Sears: from travel deals to furniture, toys, clothes and more!

Collecting coupons used to involve scissors, magazines and a lot of time and, not to mention paper cuts. Now you can make things much easier using coupon codes and the hundreds of sites dedicated to sharing them, saving you time and wear and tear on scissors (I’m not sure I’ve ever had scissors wear out but it has to happen eventually).

But if you’re just totally old school and insist on being unapologetic retro in all your dealings, you can get printable coupons for Sears (or dozens of other stores). You can then go to the shop, in your horse and cart or just on your own two legs, and order all the finest in Sears products.

Sears offer a huge range of products these days, not just the standard fare. From offering furniture and clothes, like most department stores, they have graduated to a huge range of products, including stuff you can’t just pick up off the shelf, like automobile repair and travel deals. Obviously  they have a website – several, in fact – and you can now visit Sears Canada online to do your shopping instead of having to get in the car, which is a) nice and b) better for the environment.

But you insist on the paper Sears coupons which you can take to the shop. Maybe you’re scared of computers. Maybe you just like walking around the shop. That’s fair enough. They had one of those new, bendy, UltraHD TVs last time I was there and there was a crowd of people staring at an image of a city with their mouths open, probably wishing they hadn’t made all those jokes about old people and just brought some paper coupons with them so they could buy a TV so big they’d have to knock down a wall to fit it in their lounge. But who needs a wall? You can just play an image of a wall on the new TV and it’ll look better than real life.

Whether you manage to overcome your morbid fear of online shopping or just tear yourself away from the giant TV long enough to actually buy something, you’ll want the best possible price, and with a whole range of coupons and coupon codes out there, you can get it. Screw the paper cuts, everyone will be laughing on the other side of their faces when you drive down the street with an enormous television strapped to the roof of your car. It’s lucky that Sears offer repairs because you’ll need them after your car’s been gently crushed by the weight of the thing. You can probably get a coupon for that, too, if you like.

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