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5 Things You Can do With Bias Binding

Bias binding tape is one of those underrated haberdashery tools that you can use in multiple ways for multiple projects, no matter your level of talent. It’s a simple idea that can really make your project come to life by tying it all in together! Bias binding is generally used to edge or hem fabric, such as on the armhole of a t-shirt or around the edge of a tea towel. The tape rolls are available in an extensive array of rainbow colours and prints and often come in two widths; single or double fold.

Because the binding is cut on the bias of a fabric rather than cut on the grain, it means it has more flexibility and so can be used on curves and round edges! If you are unfamiliar with bias binding, take a look at some of the projects we have listed below so you can understand why we love it so much!

5 Things You Can do With Bias Binding

bias binding


Use the bias binding to stop your soft furnishings from fraying; edge your towels, cushions, curtains, blankets and throws with the tape to give them a clean cut, neat edge that won’t disperse during use. Choose matching colours for a minimal look or opt for contrasting shades to bring pops of colour to your home!


Use colourful bias binding to create patterns on children’s clothing. One of my favourite projects I ever did was use the binding to form coloured stripes along the bottom of my baby niece’s white linen skirt. It took an essentially plain piece of clothing and added a bit of vibrancy to match her sparkly personality and she always receives compliments whenever she wears it! Another nice idea is to add it to the bottom of blue denim jeans in rows of different colours to create a playful pair of pants!


Outline your blazer’s lapels in a contrasting, bright colour of bias binding to give it an edgy look you won’t be able to buy on the high street! Or simply draw lines around your t-shirt pocket or add stripes to your shirt cuffs with the binding – whatever floats your boat! Bias binding is also ideal for edging aprons in and then using the access for the ties!


Because of its pipeline shape, bias binding can be used on it’s own to create fancy straps on tops and dresses. If you’re a bit of a seamstress then why not add the binding to your garments to form intricate back or shoulder straps. Weave pieces of the fabric to form grid shapes that can cascade down the bag of a maxi dress, or create a cold shoulder top where the bardot sleeve is formed solely of bias binding in rows. Elaborate detailing is after all, a fashion statement in itself.


Whether you fancy freshening up your walking boots or your child wants some new threads for their lace-up sneakers, kit yourselves out by making some funky shoelaces out of your bias binding! If you opt for a printed binding it could really make those plain shoes pop – show off your fun personality!

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