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Dual System To Reinforce Biological Containment of Recombinant Bacteria Designed for Rhizoremediati

Soil bacteria belonging to the species Pseudomonas putida show high metabolic versatility and a variety of characteristics that make them attractive for environmental applications and agricultural uses (18, 27). They can colonize the surface of plant roots and the rhizosphere, which is the part of

Copyright © 1998, American Society for Microbiology Environmental Regulation of Salmonella typhi - CO

By Guy J Leclerc, Invasion-defective Mutants, Guy J. Leclerc, Carmen Tartera, Eleanor and S. Metcalf Abstract Salmonella typhi is the etiologic agent of human typhoid. ...

Active Biological Containment for Bioremediation in the .

Abstract. Mineralization of organic molecules by microbes is essential for the carbon cycle to operate. The massive deposition of organic compounds in the environment, and the introduction of xenobiotics into the biosphere, lead to unidirectional fluxes, which result in the persistence of a number of chemicals in the biosphere, and thus constitute a source of pollution.

Characterization of Cell Lysis in Pseudomonas putida .

ylbenzoate. Strains that were constructed in the course of this study are described below. P. putida strains were grown with shaking at 30°C in modified M9 minimal medium (1) with 28 mM glucose or 5 to 15 mM 3-methylbenzoate as the sole


By Lázaro Molina, Cayo Ramos, María-Carmen Ronchel, Søren Molin and Juan L. Ramos Abstract Active biological containment systems consist of two components, a killing element designed to induce cell death and a control element which modulates the expression of the killing function.

Dual System To Reinforce Biological Containment of .

m. carmen ronchel and juan l. ramos* Department of Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology of Plants, Estacio´n Experimental del Zaidı´n, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientı´ficas, 18008 Granada, Spain

Identification of the gene for β-fructofuranosidase from .

β-Fructofuranosidases (or invertases) catalyse the commercially-important biotransformation of sucrose into short-chain fructooligosaccharides with wide-scale application as a prebiotic in the functional foods and pharmaceutical industries. We identified a β-fructofuranosidase gene (CmINV) from a Ceratocystis moniliformis genome sequence using protein homology and phylogenetic analysis.

Carmen Capiscol - Academia.e

Carmen Capiscol studies Chemoinformatics, Molecular modeling, and Gene Therapy. Skip to main content ... Annual Review of Microbiology Research Interests: Microbiology, Medical Microbiology, Cell Cycle, Apoptosis, Cytoskeleton, and 6 more , Humans, , ...

METHODS IN BIOTECHNOLOGY Microbial Enzymes and .

Microbial Enzymes and Biotransformations has been written by outstanding experts in the field and provides a highly useful reference source for laboratory and industrial professionals, as well as for graduate students in a number of biological disciplines (biotechnology, microbiology, genetics, molecular biol-

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Journal of Advanced Research - Editorial Board President of Cairo University Mohamed O. Elkhosht Vice President of Cairo University for Graduate Studies and Research ...

Suicide Microbes on the Loose | Nature Biotechnolo

Affiliations. the department of biochemistry, molecular and cellular biology of plants, DOT group, CSIC, Apdo. 419, 18008, Granada, Spain. Juan L. Ramos

Fatty alcohols production by oleaginous yeast | SpringerLi

Fatty alcohols (or long-chain alcohols) are important raw materials and consumer products, and can be widely used in the chemical industry to produce detergents, lubricants, plastics and cosmetics [4, 24]. The global market for fatty alcohols reached $5.2 billion in ...

Medical Microbiology: February 20

The blog for Medical Microbiology learners ... Jeroen Raes summarises the findings in his comment, "The relationship between gut microbial metabolism and mental health is a controversial topic in microbiome research.

Lipids of oleaginous yeasts. Part I: Biochemistry of .

In the first part of this review, the biochemistry of lipid accumulation in the oleaginous microorganisms is depicted. Lipid biosynthesis form sugars and related substrates is a secondary anabolic activity, conducted after essential nutrient (usually nitrogen) depletion in the medium.

Fatty alcohols production by oleaginous yeast - Semantic .

We have engineered Rhodosporidium toruloides to produce fatty alcohols by expressing a fatty acyl-CoA reductase from Marinobacter aquaeolei VT8. Production of fatty alcohols in flasks was achieved in different fermentation media at titers ranging from 0.2 to 2 g/L. In many of the conditions tested, more than 80 % of fatty alcohols were secreted into the cultivation broth.

Pulmonology and Respiratory | Clinical Gro

Archives of Pulmonology and Respiratory Care is an international, open access, peer-reviewed Journal, dedicated to the clinical and investigative studies, treatments, new diagnostic techniques, and other topics relating to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of ...


Abstract. Active biological containment (ABC) systems have been designed to control at will the survival or death of a bacterial population. These systems are based on the use of a killing gene, e.g., a porin-inducing protein such as the one encoded by the Escherichia coli gef gene, and a regulatory circuit that controls expression of the killing gene in response to the presence or absence of ...

SCHOOL OF HEALTH SCIENCES - .:University of Limpopo

Snr Lecturer (joint with Microbiology) Vacant Snr Medical Natural Scientist Mabope LA Mrs, M Biochem, MSc (Med) (Pharmacology) ... Senior Lecturers Carmen Milton, Ms B Comm Path (UP) M Phil (US) Anna-Marie Wium, Dr BA (Log) (UP) M Comm Path ...

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Ve los perfiles de profesionales con el nombre de Carmen Barreno en LinkedIn. Hay 10+ profesionales con el nombre de Carmen Barreno que utilizan LinkedIn para intercambiar ...

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Job: Senior Lecturer in Microbiology and Quality Management/ Programme Leader Biomedical Science degree programme Faculty: Health and Life Sciences School/department: ...

Cloning and functional characterization of the fatty acid .

A genomic fatty acid elongation 1 (FAE1) clone was isolated from Crambe abyssinica. The genomic clone corresponds to a 1521-bp open reading frame, which encodes a protein of 507 amino acids. In yeast cells expression of CrFAE led to production of new very long chain monounsaturated fatty acids such as eicosenoic (20:1(delta11)) and erucic (22:1(delta13)) acids.