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The Thieving Bear - Couponing for the Real World

Best Frugal Christmas Gift Ideas and Strategies

Like it or you cannot, Christmas is under eight weeks away. If your folks are anything like our house, the weeks around Christmas are jam-packed with events with friends and relatives members, wrapping and exchanging and opening gifts, preparing and eating meals, and customarily fighting off the cold winter months blues having a huge dose of Christmas cheer.

So what now if your family do not want to celebrate Christmas within the traditional pricey fashion? Are there strategies to enjoy the winter holiday without all of the spending? Thankfully what is anxiety this question is “yes.” Here are several ideas for keeping the celebration inexpensive, yet meaningful for ones family.

Sending Christmas cards rather than gifts is a good way to save money, even so the cost of store- bought cards can add up quickly. Even if you design your own, the tariff of postage might be restrictive for people on a tight budget. For relatives and friends who use email, consider sending electronic Christmas cards instead. Many websites send e-cards totally free, plus they offer a wide range of cards to choose from.

Save a huge amount of money on your gifts simply by using a service like Snagshout. Snagshout permits you to purchase items on Amazon in a reduced price so they could earn an honest review. You should use discount coupons from website like voucher codes king. It will save you up to 80% off the retail price.

Rather than exchanging gifts with relatives members and friends, plan its own evening along with each family during the Christmas season. Enjoy a simple meal and after that watch a well liked holiday movie or complete a giant jigsaw puzzle together while eating popcorn and snacks. Another option would be to give gifts of your time or service for instance free babysitting, housecleaning, cooking, etc.

Instead, select minimal wrapping. Wrap your gifts in discount paper, blank newspaper, or other things that are you have around. I’ve wrapped gifts in pretty magazine covers before, taking several covers and taping them together to have a “sheet” of paper. For kids, I’ve wrapped gifts within the comic pages in the newspaper.

It can certainly make a bunch of sense to plan out your holiday meals a little while in advance. Have some concept of what you’re gonna serve to your houseguests for every single meal that they’re present, specially the “big” meals.  You can join meal planning provider to help relieve your task. They will save your fortune too.

Choxi Coupons and Nomorerack Promo Codes

As you know that Nomorerack changed their brand name to and currently being member you can get Choxi Free Shipping Promo Code for you any order. It is valid for new customers only.

Today, I just opened my mailbox and see the mail from No more Rack saying that they added $10 VIP credit in your account and I can use that for purchase of any products. That’s really awesome deal as I can see that Choxi has so many household and lifestyle products under $50. If you are lucky then you could save upto 80% on your entire order. Good thing is that you will get at Free Shipping within United States.

Introduction about

It was founded few years back by small entrepreneur and today it is America’s one of the highly trusted and leading daily deal portal. You can find anything from $1 to $60,000 plus worth of items on their site. Homepage contain all the ongoing deals and there are other pages too. You can browse deals by categories like Electronics, Lifestyle, Home decor, Jewelry, Footwear and many more. There is section for special event, which I never miss. Because most of the time in that event section you can find product at upto 70% discount.

Apart from all these deals, Choxi also offers coupon codes but that is mostly private. You can’t find or see any coupons online. If you purchase regularly then, once in a three month, you will see mail from them with $10 off coupon. If you are newbies or just created account but never purchase then you will get such mail once in a month.

You can refer your friends to get $10 credit once they place their first order using your referral link.

Sears: from travel deals to furniture, toys, clothes and more!

Collecting coupons used to involve scissors, magazines and a lot of time and, not to mention paper cuts. Now you can make things much easier using coupon codes and the hundreds of sites dedicated to sharing them, saving you time and wear and tear on scissors (I’m not sure I’ve ever had scissors wear out but it has to happen eventually).

But if you’re just totally old school and insist on being unapologetic retro in all your dealings, you can get printable coupons for Sears (or dozens of other stores). You can then go to the shop, in your horse and cart or just on your own two legs, and order all the finest in Sears products.

Sears offer a huge range of products these days, not just the standard fare. From offering furniture and clothes, like most department stores, they have graduated to a huge range of products, including stuff you can’t just pick up off the shelf, like automobile repair and travel deals. Obviously  they have a website – several, in fact – and you can now visit Sears Canada online to do your shopping instead of having to get in the car, which is a) nice and b) better for the environment.

But you insist on the paper Sears coupons which you can take to the shop. Maybe you’re scared of computers. Maybe you just like walking around the shop. That’s fair enough. They had one of those new, bendy, UltraHD TVs last time I was there and there was a crowd of people staring at an image of a city with their mouths open, probably wishing they hadn’t made all those jokes about old people and just brought some paper coupons with them so they could buy a TV so big they’d have to knock down a wall to fit it in their lounge. But who needs a wall? You can just play an image of a wall on the new TV and it’ll look better than real life.

Whether you manage to overcome your morbid fear of online shopping or just tear yourself away from the giant TV long enough to actually buy something, you’ll want the best possible price, and with a whole range of coupons and coupon codes out there, you can get it. Screw the paper cuts, everyone will be laughing on the other side of their faces when you drive down the street with an enormous television strapped to the roof of your car. It’s lucky that Sears offer repairs because you’ll need them after your car’s been gently crushed by the weight of the thing. You can probably get a coupon for that, too, if you like.

Onnit Coupons : How to Save money?

If you are looking for some working and active Onnit discount coupons then you have landed on correct page. Here you will get the step by step procedure for obtaining that.

Onnit is the trusted manufacturer and seller of high quality supplements and vitamin. They have working since last decades and now leader in US market and adopted by sports athletes and nutrition experts too. They have some wonderful product using which you can maintain your body weight and get healthy and energetic life. Good news is that they are FDA approved and you can take it with least side effect chances. If you want to know more about the ingredients of their product then you should checkout the full description page they have created where you will find all the required details with compete real customer reviews too.

How to use onnit coupon codes?

It is simple to use the coupon for your Onnit purchase. no any rocket science in that. Once you find any working coupon from trusted sources like couponcodeslady, You just need to copy that. Now head over to the official site with the link provided by source and put the item in your cart by click on Buy Now button.Now click on checkout or Pay Now button which will lead you to the page asking for to enter promo codes if any. You just need to enter the code which you have copied to get associated discount with that.

Congratulation! You have successfully applied the code and using which you can save as much as 70% discount. If you face any problem while entering the code then you should contact the authority and ask them provide the valid code. They mostly provide coupons for the new account and if you are returning customer and going to place big order, please contact me, I will give you highly discounted deal for various Onnit products like Alpha brain, etc.

Review : BioTrust Health Nutrition Products

Here is my honest review about BioTrust nutrition products, i.e Leptiburn, IC-5, Low Carb, BCCA Matrix and Protein cookies.

BioTrust is the leading health company that manufacturer and supplies FDA approved health products. If you want to lose your weight Or want to maintain that then is perfect for you. They have more than 10 different products available in various flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate, Apple etc.

If you don’t want to take their pills or powder then you can also buy protein cookies and protein bar which is truly bless for all those who are on diet and still want some low calorie but yummy foods.

BioTrust Product Reviews :-

Me and my sister was looking for some effective and affordable health product to lose the weight. We tried dozen of product but failed to achieve our goals. Some are good but due to price constrain we have to drop them. Finally friend of my sister suggested us to go for Biotrust. At first I feel it is another fishy company who are just to cheat us but I searched more than 2 hours on net and check video from real customer and also read their history and found that company is in this business since last few years and have appealing track records with literally hundreds of thousands of customer spread over entire world.

I decided to give it a try and buy their Low Carb product and my sister tried IC-5. After using for a month I real that it helped me to loss inches of my belly. At the time of writing, I have already finished 3 month of supply and you might not believe that my west reduce from 34 inches to 28. I have two news, One is good that ultimately I am able to achieve my goal of loosing weight. But bad news is that Now I have to buy new pants, shorts and dresses. Anyway it’s rule of nature that every good thing achieved by passing hard time only.

Conclusion : If you really want to lose weight or have to maintain the weight then BioTrust is the hope for you. If you feel that it is not your kind of product then you can return that the get your full money back. So, no need to worry about losing your money and you can also get BioTrust Coupons to save a lot on their nutrition products.

Simply head over and apply the coupon code to save huge. In case you don’t able to find that then you can contact us by commenting here.

Why pets love Purina

If you’re looking for a pet food that provides perfect amounts of nutrition to your cat or dog, then look no further than Purina pet food. This brand uses the latest technology and research to try and provide the optimum meal for your pets. They pride themselves in the amount of nutrition and passion they put into their product and it really shows.

They place a lot of emphasis on letting the pet owner know how and why they do certain things in the process of making their product. They explain why corn is a valuable source of food in a dog’s diet and why they include it in their products. They also provide a lot of information on their website that details this. Purina invite pet bloggers out to their factories and show them how the food is made. They hope to encourage these bloggers to share their experience with Purina, which is a great way of promoting their brand.

Purina are a company that let you know exactly where their emphasis and plans are placed. They are also very careful and progressive in terms of sustainability in the making of their products. Last year they recycled nearly 80 tonnes of goods last year for example. They make sure their products manufacturing have a limited impact on the environment and they also advertise the fact that they manufacture 99% of their product in the US in their US factories.

The website also provides a lot of information in the training of pets. They have small artiles that help you understand how to take care of a pet such as a new kitten, they also provide an A-Z list of different cat breeds and which ones are the calmest. The company rally does seem committed to helping everybody give their pet the best care possible.

There are plenty of websites that let you enjoy Purina products for a reduced price. Websites such as do this regularly. They let you purchase Purina products with a reduction of $1-3 dollars and sometimes offer more than one coupon. Here are the latest Purina coupons that they have: