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5 Things You Can do With Bias Binding

Bias binding tape is one of those underrated haberdashery tools that you can use in multiple ways for multiple projects, no matter your level of talent. It’s a simple idea that can really make your project come to life by tying it all in together! Bias binding is generally used to edge or hem fabric, such as on the armhole of a t-shirt or around the edge of a tea towel. The tape rolls are available in an extensive array of rainbow colours and prints and often come in two widths; single or double fold.

Because the binding is cut on the bias of a fabric rather than cut on the grain, it means it has more flexibility and so can be used on curves and round edges! If you are unfamiliar with bias binding, take a look at some of the projects we have listed below so you can understand why we love it so much!

5 Things You Can do With Bias Binding

bias binding


Use the bias binding to stop your soft furnishings from fraying; edge your towels, cushions, curtains, blankets and throws with the tape to give them a clean cut, neat edge that won’t disperse during use. Choose matching colours for a minimal look or opt for contrasting shades to bring pops of colour to your home!


Use colourful bias binding to create patterns on children’s clothing. One of my favourite projects I ever did was use the binding to form coloured stripes along the bottom of my baby niece’s white linen skirt. It took an essentially plain piece of clothing and added a bit of vibrancy to match her sparkly personality and she always receives compliments whenever she wears it! Another nice idea is to add it to the bottom of blue denim jeans in rows of different colours to create a playful pair of pants!


Outline your blazer’s lapels in a contrasting, bright colour of bias binding to give it an edgy look you won’t be able to buy on the high street! Or simply draw lines around your t-shirt pocket or add stripes to your shirt cuffs with the binding – whatever floats your boat! Bias binding is also ideal for edging aprons in and then using the access for the ties!


Because of its pipeline shape, bias binding can be used on it’s own to create fancy straps on tops and dresses. If you’re a bit of a seamstress then why not add the binding to your garments to form intricate back or shoulder straps. Weave pieces of the fabric to form grid shapes that can cascade down the bag of a maxi dress, or create a cold shoulder top where the bardot sleeve is formed solely of bias binding in rows. Elaborate detailing is after all, a fashion statement in itself.


Whether you fancy freshening up your walking boots or your child wants some new threads for their lace-up sneakers, kit yourselves out by making some funky shoelaces out of your bias binding! If you opt for a printed binding it could really make those plain shoes pop – show off your fun personality!

Sideboards for The Kitchen

Are you running out of space to store all the things of your kitchen? Want to add a touch of elegance to your space? Or want your guests to mingle all over, without any hesitation when you’ve invited them for meals or drinks? A perfect solution to this problem will be placing a functional yet stylish sideboard in your kitchen. It’s the best solution with wide-ranging applications that can suit every taste as well as budget. Sideboards are highly important in every kitchen, as they help you store loads of your kitchen essentials such as glassware, crockery or cutlery in a proper and safe manner. It will also help the homeowner in utilizing the kitchen space wisely and efficiently. Space is believed to be luxury by most of the families, so one needs to get a bit more creative in order to fit everything that is required into one room. The task becomes more challenging when it comes to managing the kitchen space. Kitchen being the heart of the home performs many functions right from cooking food to dining and other related activities.

Sideboards in kitchen are considered to organize and beautify the space, along with enhancing the functionality as well as efficiency. With large and spacious kitchens, no such problem can be faced, but while working with small kitchens, the goal becomes a bit trickier. But still you can enjoy plenty of floor space and maximize storage with cabinets. Sideboard is one of the classic additions to every kitchen, whether modern or traditional. They not only add a decorative touch to your space, but also assist you in storing loads of your essentials. They occupy a relatively small amount of space and are helpful in keeping lots of things such as glasses, utensils, dishware, table linens or serving pieces. Depending upon the space or corner available, you can select an appropriate piece of sideboard for your kitchen. You can handily place them at any point, as they can also be moved according to your adjustments. Apart from storage, the surface of the sideboards can also be used for displaying various items such as lamps, small houseplants, vases with fresh flowers, photo frames or some antiques, to add to the panache of your kitchen. This will definitely make it the centerpiece of your kitchen.

Sideboard is basically a thin storage piece of furniture that sits against the wall or in any corner of your kitchen space. You can see different types of sideboards to fit in every possible space of your kitchen. According to the compatibility of your space, you can opt for a narrow-huge sideboard or a wide-small sideboard. Narrow and huge sideboards occupy less floor space and provide you with loads of space for keeping all your kitchen related essentials. While wide and small sideboards occupy lots of floor space, providing loads of space to store or display your things. Narrow ones are perfect for kitchens with less space and wide ones go well with large kitchens. Whether narrow or wide, they come with number of shelves, doors, drawers and compartments with different features, suitable with every type of homeowner’s taste. You can have glass or wood doors or drawers, each with its own features and functions. Glass doors help you display various glassware of your kitchen such as glass, dishes, plates and many more. On the other hand, wooden doors or drawers help you store your table cloths, canned goods and other kitchen requisites.

Make sure you check out all the factors before stepping out for buying a sideboard for your kitchen and designing your kitchen is not so cheap so make sure to try offers available at Dealvoucherz to save some money. Consider all the factors such as size of your kitchen, material, style, finish, design and shape that you want for your sideboard to give it a magnificent look. Make your kitchen more functional yet appealing with this classic piece of furniture.

Best Frugal Christmas Gift Ideas and Strategies

Like it or you cannot, Christmas is under eight weeks away. If your folks are anything like our house, the weeks around Christmas are jam-packed with events with friends and relatives members, wrapping and exchanging and opening gifts, preparing and eating meals, and customarily fighting off the cold winter months blues having a huge dose of Christmas cheer.

So what now if your family do not want to celebrate Christmas within the traditional pricey fashion? Are there strategies to enjoy the winter holiday without all of the spending? Thankfully what is anxiety this question is “yes.” Here are several ideas for keeping the celebration inexpensive, yet meaningful for ones family.

Sending Christmas cards rather than gifts is a good way to save money, even so the cost of store- bought cards can add up quickly. Even if you design your own, the tariff of postage might be restrictive for people on a tight budget. For relatives and friends who use email, consider sending electronic Christmas cards instead. Many websites send e-cards totally free, plus they offer a wide range of cards to choose from.

Save a huge amount of money on your gifts simply by using a service like Snagshout. Snagshout permits you to purchase items on Amazon in a reduced price so they could earn an honest review. You should use discount coupons from website like voucher codes king. It will save you up to 80% off the retail price.

Rather than exchanging gifts with relatives members and friends, plan its own evening along with each family during the Christmas season. Enjoy a simple meal and after that watch a well liked holiday movie or complete a giant jigsaw puzzle together while eating popcorn and snacks. Another option would be to give gifts of your time or service for instance free babysitting, housecleaning, cooking, etc.

Instead, select minimal wrapping. Wrap your gifts in discount paper, blank newspaper, or other things that are you have around. I’ve wrapped gifts in pretty magazine covers before, taking several covers and taping them together to have a “sheet” of paper. For kids, I’ve wrapped gifts within the comic pages in the newspaper.

It can certainly make a bunch of sense to plan out your holiday meals a little while in advance. Have some concept of what you’re gonna serve to your houseguests for every single meal that they’re present, specially the “big” meals.  You can join meal planning provider to help relieve your task. They will save your fortune too.

15 Hilarious Road Sign Interpretations

I am currently studying for my theory test whilst having driving lessons – they’re going well but I don’t want to jinx anything! My dad has just bought a new car and has offered to make some cash on his old one via Quick Sell Your Car so that I can put the money towards a little Fiat for scooting about in! I’m really excited but so very nervous as I’ve been doing a couple of online tests and the questions I seem to struggle with the most are the road signs. There is such a lot to remember and I keep getting them mixed up when they have the same colours and shapes on them. Of course practise makes perfect and I’m slowly getting better at recognising what means what!

Road signs fall into 5 categories: warnings, instructions, information, directions and road-work signs. Red circles are generally prohibitive and give instruction, warning signs are triangular whilst direction and information signs are rectangular. Road works can fall under any of these depending on the circumstances. Red outlines a warning or prohibit, blue reflects motorway instruction, yellow contains instructions and dark green is used for direction signs.

I’ll be honest here and admit that road sign imagery completely baffles me. Some of it is so immensely vague or unclear and the options on the theory test sometimes offer alternative multiple choice answers that I personally think look more reflective of the imagery used, than the actual answer. It seems strange to me that iconic road signs that everybody should be able to decode, are so oddly designed. After sifting through several online forums, it turns out I am amongst thousands of other road users who are bewildered by these mystifying signs. Then I landed on some pretty funny pages holding competitions to see who could create the most hilarious road sign interpretations – I was laughing out loud to some of these genius, photoshopped images so thought I would share a couple of my favourites with you!

15 Hilarious Road Sign Interpretations


I can very much see this being the future of our roads. “Why were you late into work again?” “Apologies, I was waiting for the bridge to buffer”.



It’s become so much of a modern problem that the council have had to put up warning signs.



That’s the government for you.






It’s a shame the kid didn’t see the sign, let alone the car.




This figure is clearly no graceful Mary Poppins, but looks more like one of the unlucky women who got blown away during the flying nanny scene.



Aliens. They did say they would be right under our noses.




When graffiti is too adorable to be annoyed by.









Looks like we’re barred from this road.





Who could resist this 90s classic. Go on, grab your parachute pants!






How contradictory.






A very common roadside attraction for the eager and religious traveller.




They’ve already gone into administration due to their poor GCSE results.




That was some smart placement






That’s the last time you don’t proofread your work.





…So, where is Tahquitz Canyon?

Where and How to Buy PhenQ in Canada?

PhenQ can be a unique weight loss supplement that burns fat and suppresses the appetite. PhenQ is created in USA under approved lab certificate. PhenQ has proven in users a normal weight loss of 25lbs in mere six weeks. This revolutionary weight loss PhenQ has proven successful for a large number of individuals. People like you have lost weight safely and quickly. There are many happy and satisfied users of Phen Q Canada.

Many fat burning agents and diet pill may provide some amount of fat reduction, but dieters who desires gain better results will have to play a tedious game of combination with other supplements. PhenQ comes with a hassle-free alternative that provide you the form of body you mostly dreamed about but feared you should never have. In fact we’re also so confident PhenQ will last you our company offers a no-quibble money-back guarantee.

How to Buy PhenQ in Canada?

This unique weight reduction pill isn’t available in the local store in Canada. You can purchase PhenQ in Canada only through its Official website. If you reside in Canada or wherever and wish to buy PhenQ for your least expensive price, you should purchase it from the official website. There is no other place where you could buy PhenQ less expensive its official website, so it will be advised it’s not necessary to be deceived by when someone says buy PhenQ on Amazon or Ebay. It will easily be an imitation and won’t yield desirable results.

The powerful mixture of ingredients locked inside each tablet extends to work fast and helps you to turn your system into an around-the clock fat-burning furnace.

PhenQ is accessible in 3 different packages web with every package it can save you money. When you land their official website, you happen to be given a 10% discount code right away in order to enable you to try it over a discounted price. But if you order their popular package you have multi-buy savings, so if you happen to be serious to shed pounds, you need to try PhenQ and pay attention to the wonderful results yourself.

When you’ve all the intentions to buy PhenQ, buy it completely from the official website since there are many benefits including 30 days of money back guarantee. You can buy ninety days supply and find one months supply totally free, discreet shipping and billing, quick and safe delivery. Moreover, most importantly you will be sure regarding the genuine product since there are many scams around internet.

Anabolic Steroids at a Glance

Steroids are for the most part alluded to as drugs that help with the treatment of many disorders. Steroids fill different restorative needs like managing sexual attributes in men after a testes removal operation when facing testicular cancer. They are likewise used to treat adolescent men experiencing issues with their pituitary glands, known for muscle tissue degradation.

These medications can likewise be utilized to improve reproducing aspects, and manage digestion system and in addition improve immunity. They are likewise utilized for enhancing muscle growth, inflammation, and numerous other therapeutic complexities. Numerous healthy and young individuals swing to steroids in the trust of building muscles. Specialists avoid recommending such steroids in most cases. Moreover, it is illegal to take steroids without a prescription.

Types of steroids

Steroids are further arranged into:

•             Anabolic Steroids – These help in the development of the skeletal muscle in men and are utilized to treat some medical problems identified with muscle reduction, late pubescence, and hormone inadequacies. Competitors and in addition weight lifters use steroids for encouraging muscle development and enhancing athletic execution. This is thought to be an unlawful practice and the law has accommodated stringent disciplines to those discovered liable of doing as such. These steroids are directed through ingestible pills or steroid infusions into the skeletal muscle of a person. There are many types of AAS steroids which are quite popular among bodybuilders these days. You can learn more about them through various reliable sources.

The three most regular courses in which clients misuse steroids are known as stacking, pyramiding, and cycling. Stacking is amazingly unsafe as this includes utilizing more than one steroid at once. Clients have a tendency to trust in the thought that utilizing two steroids on the double expands their individual advantages. Cycling then again includes taking a steroid over a specific timeframe, permitting the body to rest and afterward beginning anew.

Pyramiding is a procedure that joins both cycling and in addition stacking. Clients start with low measurements of one or more steroids at first in the cycle, slowly expanding the dose. Part of the way through the cycle the dose is expanded and afterward it is again step by step decreased to zero before the end of the cycle. Competitors plan their activity programs in a manner that they can get the most out of their activity programs. They plan more activities when the impacts of the steroids are prone to be at an ideal high. Steroid use cycles are ordinarily between six to 12 weeks in length. A rest period is liable to take after for recovery purposes after the activity project is over.

•             Androgenic Steroids – These are known not male sexual qualities including organ improvement and the advancement of other physical components. These are given to people who have strength related issues or development insufficiency. Rehashed use is prone to present uncomfortable physical changes like bosom improvement in guys and facial hair development in females.

The absolute most regular oral steroids are Anadrol, Dianabol, and Oxandrin while prominent injectable steroids include Equipoise, Deca, and in addition Depo. You can find many links to learn more about the various types of AAS steroids used.